5 thinks I wish I knew at 20

If I ask you what could you change if you go back in time, you will spend 10 minutes wondering how many past decisions you could change. I used the word ‘decisions’ because who you are today is the result of your decisions. Skills When I was 20, I remember how I used to wasteContinue reading “5 thinks I wish I knew at 20”

How to keep mind in control in bad days

I left my job in November 2019 and decided to do business. My parents are financing it based on mutual understanding. Due to Corona virus outbreak and heavy monsoon, raw material is unavailable. We have bought the machinery. We haven’t began the business and we have to pay rent for the place we are aboutContinue reading “How to keep mind in control in bad days”

I didn’t knew my expertise until I did this

In January 2020, I realised the importance of virtual world. Having an online presence is not just a necessity, but an investment. I consider blogging and other social media as assets. Content creators will never run out of money. Content a.k.a. storytelling sells. Patience, a skill which can be acquired, can get you like-minded followers.Continue reading “I didn’t knew my expertise until I did this”

How to walk properly with right technique

‘Tech’ in the name of this website domain is derived from the walking habit I have. A mobile application which tracks steps keeps me consistent with walking. Now it had become a habit. I never chose walking as an exercising, but my sales profession compelled me to walk new streets. I am in a bestContinue reading “How to walk properly with right technique”

Can Artificial Intelligence Tackle Mental Health Issues?

Most of us check our phones as soon as waking up. We are surrounded by all information and instant updates in any industry. Information is too much in magnitude that we lose our track on our personal goals. Author of Compound Effect Darren Hardy calls this as Monkey Mind. We don’t even understand that weContinue reading “Can Artificial Intelligence Tackle Mental Health Issues?”

Activity tracking software beyond fitness

You want to lose weight and joined gym yesterday. You want to know how much calories you burnt, and your trainer suggests you calories tracking app. You happily installed it. As you know COVID-19 has changed the working culture, work from home has become the new norm. Even though you submit your work on time,Continue reading “Activity tracking software beyond fitness”

How to wake up early

I dreaded waking up early in the morning when I had to go to job. I would wake up at 6am, get ready, and I would catch the train for job at 7:30am. I woke up early because of necessity and not for a heathy life. Now, i’m back to my hometown. Its been 8Continue reading “How to wake up early”

4 Social Fitness Apps to Work Out With Friends

Making a new year resolution to join gym is good, but making a resolution in a group to join gym is great. We have a tendency to measure our progress compared to others. That’s why fitness apps focus on creating a community. I have mentioned 4 social fitness apps, chose one of them which suitsContinue reading “4 Social Fitness Apps to Work Out With Friends”

Why to be consistent with our goal?

I wrote an article on how to be consistent. Once you understand your goal and keep working on it daily, you see significant changes and get compounded results. You need to grind it your brain this idea that there is no overnight success, you have to trust you gut feeling irrespective of what others say,Continue reading “Why to be consistent with our goal?”

Plank benefits: 60 seconds daily

I am a walking enthusiast. I used to walk 9 miles daily Pre-COVID-19. Now I avoid getting out of the house. I compensate my outside walking with climbing 36 stairs at home itself. Even after doing that, I have accumulated fats on my hips and belly. Today, I gave a try to plank. I beganContinue reading “Plank benefits: 60 seconds daily”