How to stay consistent for long-term goals by taking small steps

I learnt invaluable lesson staying at home during lockdown; consistency with long-term vision by taking small steps daily. Things I do daily are- reading an ebook on forex trading for 30 minutes, learning German on Duolingo app for 30 minutes, studying Fundamentals of Digital Marketing by Google for 1 hour, and reading new content toContinue reading “How to stay consistent for long-term goals by taking small steps”

What is Compound Effect?

Sow a seed and water it today. You won’t be able see the plant above the soil surface. Water tomorrow, day-after-tomorrow, and for a whole week. Then you start to getting results. On the first day, you didn’t get the result. Same thing for second day as well. You did the WORK but results wereContinue reading “What is Compound Effect?”