5 thinks I wish I knew at 20

If I ask you what could you change if you go back in time, you will spend 10 minutes wondering how many past decisions you could change. I used the word ‘decisions’ because who you are today is the result of your decisions. Skills When I was 20, I remember how I used to wasteContinue reading “5 thinks I wish I knew at 20”

How to keep mind in control in bad days

I left my job in November 2019 and decided to do business. My parents are financing it based on mutual understanding. Due to Corona virus outbreak and heavy monsoon, raw material is unavailable. We have bought the machinery. We haven’t began the business and we have to pay rent for the place we are aboutContinue reading “How to keep mind in control in bad days”

Why to read books?

In 2012, I was in Pune during graduation. I was first time away from my hometown. Our hostel was different than typical hostels. We were allocated single room per person. That was the best thing. After college, I was finding ways to kill time. I would take long walks on streets earphones plugged-in, just observingContinue reading “Why to read books?”