How gym can improve user experience

The customisations offered by gyms and health-tech companies to the customers is going to leave a long-lasting impression on their minds. Companies are focusing on brand recognition as their competitive advantage. Coronavirus pandemic has disrupted the brick and mortar format of traditional gyms. Virtual assistants and community building are the core focus of gyms. CommunityContinue reading “How gym can improve user experience”

How to write blogs daily

I started blogging on 13th of May, 2020. My areas of interest revolve around fitness applications, marketing tips wether digital or hard-core street sales, healthy habits with a touch of technology associated with it. I am just like you, a normal person. I don’t have extraordinary skills certifying me to write blogs. I write aboutContinue reading “How to write blogs daily”

How home-based fitness apps are changing the lifestyle

Social gathering restrictions have opened a new window to fitness industry. With more and more fitness enthusiast opting for home-based workout, traditional gyms have been forced to change. 48% of the active members want the gyms to give them option to workout from home or cancel their membership. As per the article published in BusinessContinue reading “How home-based fitness apps are changing the lifestyle”

Adversities give rise to opportunities

I left my job in 2019 and began working on my business of manufacturing edible oil. I faced a lot of obstacles. It is partially financed by my parents. Irresponsible land lord, faulty electricity work, wall lizards crawling on the walls, COVID-19, and cyclone ‘Nisarga’, have resulted in monetary loss of around ₹50k. There wereContinue reading “Adversities give rise to opportunities”

Why to solve SuDoKu puzzle

Have you faced a situation where you had many options to chose, but you ended up doing nothing, and now you are regretting? We all face such dilemmas. Decisions are not right or wrong. It’s about responding to the outcome. Unless you want to extinguish a fire and you took a bucket of water ratherContinue reading “Why to solve SuDoKu puzzle”

Advantages of being a Google local guide

In 2018, I was away from my hometown Alibaug. For 6 months, I was in into pharma sales in Vadodara city. Whenever I go to different places, I like to explore the culture of people, cuisine, monuments, and simple hustle and bustle on the streets. I love to eat street food. Being into pharma sales,Continue reading “Advantages of being a Google local guide”

How to increase Quora Followers

Quora is the best platform to build a trustworthy community of followers. People will trust you if you give them solution to their problems. Best thing about Quora is it is free. If you have come across this article, then you certainly have an objective to fulfill. Either you know your niche in and outContinue reading “How to increase Quora Followers”

AI Fitness Apps will replace trainers?

Apps that combine machine learning, body posture tracking, and image recognition have brought noticeable changes in the fitness industry. Wether it’s Sensilk, a fabric embedded with trackers which gives signals to correct the stature, or HidrateSpark 3, a water bottle which vibrates and blinks light to remind you to drink water, fitness coaches are, asContinue reading “AI Fitness Apps will replace trainers?”

How to stay hydrated

Consider your vehicle’s engine, which has pistons, chain and, gears. They function properly because of the oil. It lubricates them resulting in a combined performance. Similarly, water is that oil which provides frictionless performance of our internal organs. Let’s not get into chemistry, water is basic solvent and not oil. We need to understand howContinue reading “How to stay hydrated”

Why to read books?

In 2012, I was in Pune during graduation. I was first time away from my hometown. Our hostel was different than typical hostels. We were allocated single room per person. That was the best thing. After college, I was finding ways to kill time. I would take long walks on streets earphones plugged-in, just observingContinue reading “Why to read books?”