Can Artificial Intelligence Tackle Mental Health Issues?

Most of us check our phones as soon as waking up. We are surrounded by all information and instant updates in any industry. Information is too much in magnitude that we lose our track on our personal goals. Author of Compound Effect Darren Hardy calls this as Monkey Mind. We don’t even understand that weContinue reading “Can Artificial Intelligence Tackle Mental Health Issues?”

Activity tracking software beyond fitness

You want to lose weight and joined gym yesterday. You want to know how much calories you burnt, and your trainer suggests you calories tracking app. You happily installed it. As you know COVID-19 has changed the working culture, work from home has become the new norm. Even though you submit your work on time,Continue reading “Activity tracking software beyond fitness”

How to wake up early

I dreaded waking up early in the morning when I had to go to job. I would wake up at 6am, get ready, and I would catch the train for job at 7:30am. I woke up early because of necessity and not for a heathy life. Now, i’m back to my hometown. Its been 8Continue reading “How to wake up early”

4 Social Fitness Apps to Work Out With Friends

Making a new year resolution to join gym is good, but making a resolution in a group to join gym is great. We have a tendency to measure our progress compared to others. That’s why fitness apps focus on creating a community. I have mentioned 4 social fitness apps, chose one of them which suitsContinue reading “4 Social Fitness Apps to Work Out With Friends”

Why to be consistent with our goal?

I wrote an article on how to be consistent. Once you understand your goal and keep working on it daily, you see significant changes and get compounded results. You need to grind it your brain this idea that there is no overnight success, you have to trust you gut feeling irrespective of what others say,Continue reading “Why to be consistent with our goal?”

Plank benefits: 60 seconds daily

I am a walking enthusiast. I used to walk 9 miles daily Pre-COVID-19. Now I avoid getting out of the house. I compensate my outside walking with climbing 36 stairs at home itself. Even after doing that, I have accumulated fats on my hips and belly. Today, I gave a try to plank. I beganContinue reading “Plank benefits: 60 seconds daily”

Activity tracking apps are shrinking in size

Activity tracking apps is a highly competitive market. It is estimated that heartbeat trackers, blood pressure trackers, and heart rate monitors will grow by 30% by 2023 in this $12T industry. I personally use an app Step Set Go to track my steps while walking. After every 3 minutes, I check how much I’ve walked.Continue reading “Activity tracking apps are shrinking in size”

How to find productivity in unproductivity

Once in a day, I spend 1 hour listening to the music on mobile phone. That’s how I refresh and motivate myself. But time is valuable, right? I make sure I don’t waste time by not getting involved in an activity, which doesn’t add value to me. While listning to my favourite songs, I walkContinue reading “How to find productivity in unproductivity”


We want to give the local and wider community a writing platform were they can create stories, use there imagination, and collaborate with each other to send messages of friendship and unity, and to write articles for and about their local and wider community, to be able to say this is our BLOGGING IS MOREContinue reading “BLOGGING IS MORE THAN JUST WRITING”

How to meditate

My mother practices meditation daily for atleast 20 minutes. She has a great decision making power just because of it, as she claims. Now she is forcing me to meditate daily for 20 minutes. I can’t make for 20 minutes and I started with 5 minutes. With practice and consistency, I’ll improve. I sit erectContinue reading “How to meditate”