How theme pages on Instagram make money

Making money sitting at home is easy if you have patience and consistency. Lockdown during this pandemic has led to job losses. People are haphazardly looking for new streams to generate income. Unfortunately, they don’t plan their next step wisely. If you have patience to work without expecting any return till 5-6 months, then thisContinue reading “How theme pages on Instagram make money”

Brand V/S Availability; who is overpowering the other during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Product and services are struggling to come up with unique selling points due to hyper-competition. It means that, availability in retail shelves and strong marketing supply chain are critical to drive sales volume. It is also true for the essential commodities in retail industry, as the consumers ran towards to buy during the pandemic. DueContinue reading “Brand V/S Availability; who is overpowering the other during the COVID-19 pandemic?”

How to sell online and make living out of it

I left my job in November 2019 to start business. In February 2020, Corona virus pandemic hit hard and we went in lockdown. I am now surviving on my parents income. Being 28, I feel guilty. But that doesn’t stop me from hustling for my dream. I firmly believe that money can be made byContinue reading “How to sell online and make living out of it”

How to find niche on Instagram and earn money

I started taking Instagram seriously in the month of January 2020. I didn’t have any content plan. I started creating videos about sales and marketing techniques, using cell phone camera. Whatever knowledge I had from my previous jobs I shared it. Like any other content creator, I struggled with question What should I upload tomorrow?Continue reading “How to find niche on Instagram and earn money”

5 thinks I wish I knew at 20

If I ask you what could you change if you go back in time, you will spend 10 minutes wondering how many past decisions you could change. I used the word ‘decisions’ because who you are today is the result of your decisions. Skills When I was 20, I remember how I used to wasteContinue reading “5 thinks I wish I knew at 20”

How to keep mind in control in bad days

I left my job in November 2019 and decided to do business. My parents are financing it based on mutual understanding. Due to Corona virus outbreak and heavy monsoon, raw material is unavailable. We have bought the machinery. We haven’t began the business and we have to pay rent for the place we are aboutContinue reading “How to keep mind in control in bad days”

I didn’t knew my expertise until I did this

In January 2020, I realised the importance of virtual world. Having an online presence is not just a necessity, but an investment. I consider blogging and other social media as assets. Content creators will never run out of money. Content a.k.a. storytelling sells. Patience, a skill which can be acquired, can get you like-minded followers.Continue reading “I didn’t knew my expertise until I did this”

How to walk properly with right technique

‘Tech’ in the name of this website domain is derived from the walking habit I have. A mobile application which tracks steps keeps me consistent with walking. Now it had become a habit. I never chose walking as an exercising, but my sales profession compelled me to walk new streets. I am in a bestContinue reading “How to walk properly with right technique”

How to stay consistent for long-term goals by taking small steps

I learnt invaluable lesson staying at home during lockdown; consistency with long-term vision by taking small steps daily. Things I do daily are- reading an ebook on forex trading for 30 minutes, learning German on Duolingo app for 30 minutes, studying Fundamentals of Digital Marketing by Google for 1 hour, and reading new content toContinue reading “How to stay consistent for long-term goals by taking small steps”