How to keep mind in control in bad days

A disturbed lady holding her head

I left my job in November 2019 and decided to do business. My parents are financing it based on mutual understanding.

Due to Corona virus outbreak and heavy monsoon, raw material is unavailable. We have bought the machinery. We haven’t began the business and we have to pay rent for the place we are about to do the business.

I live with parents with guilt. There are certain things which I can’t control. Faulty government website, bribe taking authorities, and licensing have taken a toll.

Small things at home if go wrong, then I get blamed. I just wish I to run away from my parents. I’ll survive anywhere but not with them. BUT I have must stay. If I run away then i’ll be blamed further. I have to make it work with all this guilt. And I have learnt to cope with it productively.

Since 2 months, I have cultivated healthy habits. I read for 30 minutes no matter how my mood is. I do plank for 60 seconds, study new language for 30 minutes and, blogging. I am damn sure that these habits will make me a better person in any point of life.

I’m mentioning my dream here, something I rarely do. I am writing to remind myself that my final goal matters. I want to be a millionaire by 2030 and I will buy Mercedes Maybach S650 in December 2030. Rest of the money i’ll spend on improving society.

If you are going through difficult time, remember what your final purpose is. If you don’t have it then create it. Your ultimate goal will pull you out through negative mental state. Write down your goal, how you will achive it and when.

Mention your bad times and how you came out of it in the comments. Thank you.

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Published by Chirantan Raut

Hi there! I am a health-tech blogger, an average book reader, food and nutrition enthusiast, and sales professional. Copywriting is the think that drives me. I can make the print on 'Buy' button fade away. No matter whether you are seller, buyer, performer, affiliate marketer, Amazon seller or an astronaut, you need to advertise with persuasion to make money. Power in words and their structuring can do wonders to make your inventory empty. 'Show me your library, and I will tell you what kind of person you are' is damn true. Books give you direction to your final goal. I read atleast 3-4 books per year. I'm here only because of the books. What is the purpose of daily life without proper food and nutrition? Health is wealth. Steve Jobs said that 'What is the use to be the richest person in coffin?'. Nobody wants to spend earned money in hospital bills. I make valuable content to food habits. I'm a rockstar on Quora! I love the art of advertising. I am creating a personal brand, you can check my IG. I have 2 years of sales experience. I sold fruit syrups to retailers, fruit juice at kiosk, mobile applications and softwares to hospitals, medicines to doctors and pharmacies and, Point of Sales machine to merchants. Sales taught me customer mindset, objection handling and most important, facing rejection. I had seen bad days and good days. Those days were worth my struggle. I will share my genuine opinions on health-tech industry.

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