I didn’t knew my expertise until I did this

Man wearing sport shoes getting ready to walk
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In January 2020, I realised the importance of virtual world. Having an online presence is not just a necessity, but an investment. I consider blogging and other social media as assets.

Content creators will never run out of money. Content a.k.a. storytelling sells. Patience, a skill which can be acquired, can get you like-minded followers. Consistency of uploading the content is foremost important.

But what should I upload daily? If all are uploading food/yoga/motivational photos, then should I do the same? Who am I?

Today I got a clear idea of who am I. To the core of my brain, I am a walking enthusiast. I know it sounds crazy, but out of self-awareness I can say it. How did I found it out? Here’s my memoirs:

I have a habit of walking while on phone calling. I am very private person, hence while on call I go away from nearby people, and keep walking to-and-fro. It happens naturally.

I am a sales professional. This work requires immense travelling. I hire a cab and drop down at a location 6 kms. away from a client/prospect. Then I walk with headphones and music on. I plan my words while walking. It keeps my brain active.

I read ebooks at home. Yes, you are thinking right; I read it while walking to-and-fro in the room. By doing it, I get points for walking from the app and knowledge from the book. That’s effective time management.

Finally, here’s the most productive one. I go for the walk in the evening. I used to listen to music, but now I do online course on digital marketing by Google while walking. Even thought I can comprehend the video only by listening, giving assesment tests requires me to look at the screen. It reducing my walking speed, but i’ll improve.

Bottom line is, our strengths are right in front of us, but we try to do something which looks cool. During the long-term process, we give up because we don’t genuinely like what we imitate of others. It takes months and years to understand who we truly are.

The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.

Mark Twain

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Published by Chirantan Raut

Hi there! I am a health-tech blogger, an average book reader, food and nutrition enthusiast, and sales professional. Copywriting is the think that drives me. I can make the print on 'Buy' button fade away. No matter whether you are seller, buyer, performer, affiliate marketer, Amazon seller or an astronaut, you need to advertise with persuasion to make money. Power in words and their structuring can do wonders to make your inventory empty. 'Show me your library, and I will tell you what kind of person you are' is damn true. Books give you direction to your final goal. I read atleast 3-4 books per year. I'm here only because of the books. What is the purpose of daily life without proper food and nutrition? Health is wealth. Steve Jobs said that 'What is the use to be the richest person in coffin?'. Nobody wants to spend earned money in hospital bills. I make valuable content to food habits. I'm a rockstar on Quora! I love the art of advertising. I am creating a personal brand, you can check my IG. I have 2 years of sales experience. I sold fruit syrups to retailers, fruit juice at kiosk, mobile applications and softwares to hospitals, medicines to doctors and pharmacies and, Point of Sales machine to merchants. Sales taught me customer mindset, objection handling and most important, facing rejection. I had seen bad days and good days. Those days were worth my struggle. I will share my genuine opinions on health-tech industry.

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