How to stay consistent for long-term goals by taking small steps

I learnt invaluable lesson staying at home during lockdown; consistency with long-term vision by taking small steps daily. Things I do daily are- reading an ebook on forex trading for 30 minutes, learning German on Duolingo app for 30 minutes, studying Fundamentals of Digital Marketing by Google for 1 hour, and reading new content to increase knowledge for blogging for 30 minutes. This was for improving my mental health.

For fitness, I walk daily for 1 hour and do a plank for 60 seconds. Yes, just for a minutes.

Can I speak German now? No. Am I became a good trader? No. In fact, trading certain currency pairs in India is illegal. Yet I read it. Maybe i’ll get an opportunity after few years to settle abroad, probably in Germany! Then I can trade currencies.

Similarly, doing plank for a minute is not going to make my core muscles strong in couple of days. However, after a month my core muscles will show the result.

But walking for 1 hour is a big step, isn’t it? But here’s the catch. I walk while talking on phone, I walk while reading the ebooks and studying digital marketing, and likewise while listeing songs. Everything is connected.

All small steps and actions will show compounded effect within 10 years. I dread instant results. Future is uncertain. We don’t know when we are going to die. Assuming I will be alive for next 10 years, I certainly know that i’ll be a wealthy, healthy, and independent persons, just because if the small steps or decisions I make daily to the long-term goal in my mind.

Remember that controlling your thoughts and feelings is a skill. Skills can be acquired. Dr. Kelly Shockley is a chiropractor with 14 years of experience. If you find difficult to change your mindset, then Dr. Kelly can guide you. I am fortunate to have helpful parents, who supported me during my bad days. I’m grateful to them. You can achieve anything if you have a long-term goal.

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