Can Artificial Intelligence Tackle Mental Health Issues?

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Most of us check our phones as soon as waking up. We are surrounded by all information and instant updates in any industry. Information is too much in magnitude that we lose our track on our personal goals. Author of Compound Effect Darren Hardy calls this as Monkey Mind.

We don’t even understand that we are facing mental problems. How to identify it? If you are trying different things out of excitement every 2 weeks and are not staying consistent with one thing over a long-term, then you are facing mental issues. Take a golden pause, take a deep breath, ask yourself where are you heading, and focus on one thing.

Now we have identified the problem, let’s find the solution. Artificial Intelligence has given birth to a combination of mechanics, haptics, and virtual reality. Artificial Intelligence is the best innovation in the tech sphere which can be a paradigm tool to tackle symptoms of mental illness.

Virtual therapy

As social distancing is the becoming mandatory in all the workplaces, physical fitness industry is not behind. Rather than going to gyms, one can use apps like Mirror. Place the mirror on the wall and the trainer will virtually guide you. You can learn meditation and yoga to keep your Monkey Mind in control.

Smart accessories

In order to think properly, your brain needs oxygen. Water carries oxygen through blood. We forget drinking water or skip it during work time. Smart water bottle like Hidrate Spark remind you to drink water by vibrating itself.

Apple’s iOS14 watch series reminds you to wash hands after certain duration.

Technological advancements are the result of improved lifestyle. One thing is certain, AI and technology will exponentially increase the number of people who can smart accessories to deal with mental health issues. They can let go the stigma that comes with it, the limitations of urban and rural areas can be broken, the confidence in anonymity can be improved and eventually, mental health problem can be managed at a larger scale than before.

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