Activity tracking software beyond fitness

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You want to lose weight and joined gym yesterday. You want to know how much calories you burnt, and your trainer suggests you calories tracking app. You happily installed it.

As you know COVID-19 has changed the working culture, work from home has become the new norm. Even though you submit your work on time, your employer wants to know wether you are utilising your time doing job work only, and not surfing internet on other tabs. Whaaat?

That’s terrible but it is happening. A firm named ActivTrak has already made one.

Let’s turn the tables. What if you are the employer? You don’t want your employees to do anything else besides your work. We live in the era of capitalism where somebody’s adversity becomes an opportunity to another. Everybody wants a pie of the market.

One should aim to become an employer in a long-term and understand how useful this service is. If you are working for someone, then you are obliged to be tracked. Share your opinion on this in the comments.

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