Activity tracking apps are shrinking in size

Activity tracking apps is a highly competitive market. It is estimated that heartbeat trackers, blood pressure trackers, and heart rate monitors will grow by 30% by 2023 in this $12T industry.

I personally use an app Step Set Go to track my steps while walking. After every 3 minutes, I check how much I’ve walked. They reward us points. Those points can be redeemed to purchase merchandises. Community of users, who follow each other, cheer each other for their daily achievements has created an ecosystem, which makes me open the app again and again. Pre-COVID-19, I used to walk 9.3 miles per day. That burned 700-800 calories.

This is a common scenario amongst most of the apps. But Circular’s Smart Ring is a step ahead. Unlike fitness watches, smart ring is a finger ring which tracks everything. Circular’s Smart Ring is a activity tracking wearable piece of tech that tracks many of your physical 24/7. Unlike other wellness apps and gadgets on the market, its elegant design and features provide a graphical analysis of the data.

Circular’s CEO Amaury Kosman wants to substitute bulky wearable tracking devices to lighter and comfortable ones, which can be customised. Amaury has made sure that the user can wear it at any occasion by flaunting different colours on the outer shell.

The 4 gm ring is scratch-proof, waterproof, and stores a week’s data in the in-built storage. Battery chargers in 90 minutes and can stay for 2 days.

I wonder how technology is tracking our activities, as if we are the slaves of it. I’m a health-tech enthusiast and I’ll propose my to-be girlfriend with this ring.

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Published by Chirantan Raut

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