Advantages of being a Google local guide

Give quality reviews, get opportunity to visit Google’s office in California

In 2018, I was away from my hometown Alibaug. For 6 months, I was in into pharma sales in Vadodara city. Whenever I go to different places, I like to explore the culture of people, cuisine, monuments, and simple hustle and bustle on the streets. I love to eat street food.

Being into pharma sales, I had to travel daily to visit doctors and pharmacies. I was aware of Google reviews and other platform for reviewing. I tried Zomato and spent a lot on visiting new eataries for reviewing.

Those days, Google would give you a notification ‘Do you know this place?’ with options ‘Yes’ and ‘No’. As travelling was a part of my job, I started answering these questions, and I started getting points. I found it interesting and download the app ‘Contribute’. There are 10 levels and currently I’m at 6th. I started giving reviews of doctors. It was like a game, for which you got points. Later I started reviewing places. I just loved that progress bar slide ahead. Most important thing is, I never expected a reward.

I decided to give review to a doctor. I told him that I can give him a good review on Google. People nowadays Google everything before getting ahead with it. In return, he can prescribe our company’s medicine. He was getting less patients and he gave me Yes. I wrote a good description of his services, added photos and he gave an order of ₹1300/-. That is a small amount from the company’s policy. I need an order of ₹2000/-, then only company calls it a conversion.

Screenshot of message

I gave suggestions to my senior managers how Google reviews are the future. Even Alexa works the same way. For example, if you ask Alexa/Google to find best gynaecologist nearby, then you will get a list of doctors starting from one with 5-star rating to the least. If all the members in sales team give reviews to doctors as per their respective territory, imagine what value can a pharma company add to doctors. However, my idea was declined. I am too futuristic.

Google has made it very interactive. After adding certain number of photos, you get an upgraded badge, for adding new places you get different badge, if someone likes your review then another badge. If you are lucky, then you may win a pair of socks. I’ve attached a photo of the envelope. I lost them somewhere.

Google invites 200 Local Guides from the world to their California office. It is an event for networking and fun. Google pays for the accomodation. This is an annual event, if you are lucky, you’ll receive an email. Only condition is you need to be level 7+. I’ll try it next year. Sharing genuine views and guiding the needy ones will take you a long way.

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