How to sell software?

Don’t expect to be motivated every day to get out there and make things happen. You won’t be. Don’t count on motivation. Count on Discipline.

Jocko Willink

Dear reader, if you are reading this article, then you are stressed because you are unable to sell the software OR you are a new joinee in the organisation. Keep reading till the end, and follow my advice. Rest is upon your determination to succeed. I am sharing my job experience, where I had to sell mobile application and cloud-based data storage software to hospitals.

I joined a startup which made cloud-storage software for hospitals and medical data storage mobile application for patients (relatives of patient). For software, the decision-makers were IT managers.

  • Firstly, understand that you are not going to convert the prospect in first meeting. You have to build a relationship with the decision-maker. Most probably, you will not be allowed to meet them. Receptionist will give you the contact details. Call the decision-maker and tell about your service in 4 words, and ask for appointment.
  • When you meet for the first time, greet the person and ask about what problems they are facing with their existing software, once they tell, explain them how your service can benefit them. This is not going to happen in first instance. The person may hesitate to answer you and tell you to come later. Don’t get upset.
  • I assume you have studied the USP, pricing, strengths, and shortcomings of your competitors. For example, hospitals are already using a software to store medical data. My job is to convince them to use my software and give up using the existing one. Tell them excaltly how your software will save cost, or provide best customer support, or how additional features will make the user experience easy.
  • Give them demo for free. If you are not offering free demo, then chances of conversion are low.
  • Combo offers work best with services. Understand their needs and offer them best package. If possible, customise it.
  • Everything is not going to happen in 2-3 days. The person may be on leave. Maintain discipline by not calling them again and again, even though your manager is forcing to call the prospect.
  • Schedule another meeting and directly close the deal. You have high closure chances if you have followed above points with professionalism. Explain all the terms and conditions in simple language. Do not hide any information from them.
  • Give them proper service. They made spread a good word to their peers about you.

Mention your feedback in comments. I’ve kept the article short because I believe in giving value more than being verbose.

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