Power Walking Benefits

Builts the core muscles of lower-body

I was into sales profession and my work including extensive travelling. Now you don’t need to become a sales person for this. So naturally, I had to walk a lot. It became a habit for me. I avoided getting into taxis and if it was too far, I would drop down at 2-3 miles away from the destination.

Earphones plugged in, wearing formal attire, and protein bar handy, I would reach to the client. It also improved my confidence in pitching the product. Of course, I would get wet in sweat.

But what kept me motivated to walk? Well I came across this mobile application called Step Set Go. I don’t use fitness apps as they utilise space. As I was walking daily due to my job requirements, I downloaded this app. I didn’t need to put extra efforts to use this app, my job efforts were enough.

Development in lower-body

  • Calves – my calves initially were not visible. My legs would look like wooden logs. I can see the cuts while walking now. I feel damn comfortable wearing shorts.
  • Hamstring muscles– the more I pushed myself scaling more distance, the more my hams pained. You need to understand that visible changes come when you walk consistently for months. You will not get Arnold Schwarzenegger’s legs within 5 days.
  • Thighs– They got much more aligned with my hips. Your style of walking can shape the thigh muscles. If you stress while taking longer steps, then thighs will show considerable changes, else only calves will be developed.
  • Face– I am one of the most sweating people. Naturally, after walking you’ll sweat a lot, which will unblock the pores on your skin. Your skin will glow more than before. Prepare to expect compliments from that special person.

Why to use walking application?

Analytics is going to motivate you walk further. You can check how much you walked in a day/month/year, how calories you burnt daily. There is a community of walkers, you can follow them.

Step Set Go app also is a market place for fitness products and services. If you are into fitness industry, then you can promote your product.

Besides, they also make it interactive by setting up challenges regarding walking goals and calorie burning goals.

For walking 1000 steps, you get 1.5 coins. You can redeem these coins to buy merchandises from their market place. This app is best for those who have long-term fitness objective. I’ve been using this app for a year and I’m in the best shape. I have attached screenshots of my work on it.

My dashboard
Daily progress
Comparing activities of friends
Market place
Challenges to keep you motivated
Analytics to track your development

Published by Chirantan Raut

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