How to lose weight in 45 day

Being consistent over a long stretch of time will show major results

I was a fat, introvert, 15 year old kid in 2007-8. That was the period between 7th grade and 10th grade. Those school days were terrible for me. If you ask someone today ‘Do you miss your school days?’, most of the people would answer ‘Yes, I wish I can bring back those days. Those mesmerizing days…bla bla’.

Not me! I am really happy today, and I don’t miss at all those day. I was the 2nd most heavy-weighed boy in class. 1st one was taller than me, so he wasn’t bullied much. Physical education classes were hell to me. Roll-number wise one by one were called in front of the class for checking the weight and height.

All I could hear was voices like ‘Don’t let him stand on the scale, it will break’, ‘How much did he weight?’. Do you remember wrestlers from WWE named ‘Big Show’ and ‘Rikishi’? Those were my nicknames. After school I used to go to tuition. Classmates who didn’t make fun of me but enjoyed the show also attended the same tuition. I skipped tuition whenever there was physical education class. Someone else farted, but fingers were raised at me. Worst of all was being called by the name of fattest girl.

I used to get in fight with couple of guys. Whenever there was sport event, like running, I used to finish last. Because of fatness, I had acute asthma. I realised I had to take control of my life for my well-being.

How swimming helped me

I sweat a lot. It is heridetary, I got it from my mother. A company where my father work offered employees some perks, like free library and sports complex. Being an employee’s son I got a pass for swimming. That’s where my weight loss journey began.

You can’t sweat while swimming. That’s for me. In summers, I used to swim freestyle for 90 minutes daily. Swimming pool was 50m×25m, and I used to swim 8 laps i.e. 800m. That burns around 560 cal. I got really flexible after a month. I ate a protein bar post swimming and after that I used to go to library.

When summer was over and school began, I had lost 6-7kg. I ate fruits in breakfast at school. People who made fun of got numb.

Today, I’m in really good shape because of swimming. I go for 15 km walking as well. Those who made fun of me are getting chubby due to unhealthy lifestyle. This article is for those who find it difficult to lose weight. Unless someone makes fun of you being fat, you are not going to take first step. My objective is to make fun of you, yes you fat smelly pig. So that you can hit the water and shed that extra flesh.

From Lakshi Vilas Palace, Vadodara, Gujrat

This is how I look today in 2020.

(If you find this article motivating, then kindly share it. It is my personal experience. Share your feedback in the comments. It will help improve the community.)

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