Top 5 Protein Bars 2020 for Men and Women

Give static energy your lazy immune system and nerves

It is a misconception that protein bars are meant only for fitness enthusiasts. Following article is constructed as per ranking the best one to the least.

1. Built Bar! Chocolate, Cookies & Cream

Built Bar is so good. I am talking about every chopped chocolate and walnut in every bite. You body will get a booster of 150 cal, 18 gms protein, 6 gms fibre, 5 gms fats, 5 gms sugar. It’s free of gluten, no GMO, no artificial preservatives. It could easily take place of your family’s chocolate nut bread recipe. So take a break from baking and grab this one. Use the code SAVE 12 and get 12% OFF.

2. RXBAR Protein Bar

RXBAR is my second favorite because it simple and clean – made with three ingredients. The12 gms of protein comes from egg whites, 14 peanuts provide the texture and the two dates give the flavour. You actually feel good after eating an RXBAR. Skip the peanut butter cup and enjoy this instead.

RXBAR Protein Bar, Peanut Butter Chocolate |

3. Go Macro Macrobar

I like Go Macro bars not for the 11 gms of plant protein they provide but for their ingredients. Ingredients are 100 % plant extracted, from non-GMO certified growers that are USD approved organic and follow sustainable farming methods. These bars provide big nutritional benefits without preservatives and additives!

Go Macro Organic Macrobar, Protein Paradise Cashew Caramel |

4. Vitacost Plant Protein Bar

Vitacost Plant Protein Bar, Chocolate Mocha |

My another favorite plant based protein bars are Vitacost Chocolate Mocha bars, for a pre-workout snack and an afternoon snack when I need a small energy boost, that’s actually nutritious. Each bar contains 60 mg of caffeine to help keep you on cloud 9. It has 18 gms of plant protein from, pea, brown rice and quinoa. I love that these bars don’t have sucralose for sweeteness, and that they contain probiotics and prebiotics to help the digestive system.

5. Kind Nuts & Spices Bars

I don’t think there is a Kind bar that I despice. I sometimes keep one handy for a quick snack if I’m don’t have Built Bar. Kind bars are made with clean (non-GMO) ingredients that your body uses for energy. They’re low in sugar (<5 grams), contain no sugar alcohols or dairy, and have 6 gms of protein. They are nutritious, taste great and they’re easy to take along with you anywhere.

Kind Nuts & Spices Bars, Madagascar Vanilla Almond |

Share your feedback in the comments, which is the best bar for you. Your genuine feedback will help other community members.

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